Our 60-Year Reunion

On September 11 through 13, 2024, we will be gathering in Williamsville, sixty years after being launched into the world from our fine high school. The reunion committee - Don Nickson, Greg Karpick, Jim Groh, Pete Sarver, Judi Alaimo Mazziotti, Brion Charters, and Pat McCarthy - have finalized the arrangements with local restaurants and hotels, and have even arranged a tour of the school. Here is the schedule:

Wednesday, September 11, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

An informal gathering at the Eagle House, 5578 Main St., Williamsville.

Light food provided; drinks on your own. $15 fee. See below for the registration and payment method. Anyone wanting a regular meal should reserve a table in the dining area before the reunion.

Thursday, September 12, 3:30 - 4:30 PM

A tour of the school. Our group will be met at the front entrance by an administrator for a tour of the building. Please do not arrive early or expect to enter individually. See below for the registration method.

Thursday, September 12, 6:30 - 9:30 PM

The main event. Dinner at Rizotto Italian Eatery and Sweetery, 930 Maple Road, between North Forest and Hopkins. Snacks, buffet dinner with three entrees, dessert, and a non-alcoholic beverage. Other drinks on your own. $50 fee. See below for the registration and payment method.

Friday, September 13, 10:00 AM

Brunch at the Olympic Restaurant, 4611 Genesee St., Cheektowaga, across from the airport. No advance charge; everyone orders from the menu and pays individually. See below for the registration method.

All events are on the first floor of the venues and easily accessible. Prices include tax and gratuity.

Registration and Payment

Registration is required for any of the four events you want to attend; payment for the informal gathering at the Eagle House and the main event at Rizotto are also required in advance. Registration and payment should be done through the application known as Reunion Manager. Go to http://williamsville1964.reunionmanager.com.

Once there, create an account for yourself including your email address, a login ID, and a password. Then, to register and buy tickets, click on "BUY TICKETS (or MAKE DONATIONS). Register for all events you want to attend, including the two no-charge events.

When you have selected the events you want to attend, go to "Click Here to Buy Tickets Now." You will have the option to check out with PayPal if you have an account with them; otherwise choose the "guest" option to check out with a credit card without having to join PayPal.

Again, please register for all the events you want to attend, including the two that are no charge. We need a head count for all events. You can add events or attendees up until August 11.

By the way, whether you opt for PayPal or otherwise, your payment will be notified as being sent to Greg Karpick, our treasurer, as that's the way we set up all payments.


A block of hotel rooms at each of two local hotels has been reserved at a price discounted for our group: the Hampton Inn Amherst off Millersport Highway near the U.B. campus, and the Hyatt Place Buffalo on Main Street, Williamsville. When you are on Reunion Manager, click on "Reunion Related,"  then scroll down and click "Hotels." You will see the prices, addresses, phone numbers, booking links, and booking codes to use when you reserve rooms.

We urge you to book soon! Western New York has gotten a lot more popular and populous than we remember. All venues, including hotels, book up early, even later in the year.


Here's your chance to make a gracious donation to the effort! Beyond the event fees, it costs time and money to put this all together. Please consider becoming a Sponsor through a donation to support our class for all the incidental expenses we're incurring. Sponsors can donate through Reunion Manager (Click "OR MAKE DONATIONS"), by sending funds to our Venmo account (@ WilliamsvilleHS1964) or by sending a check to Greg Karpick, (4203 Devine St., Columbia, SC 29205).

If you donate by Venmo or check, please also register on the Reunion Manager site, even if you may not be joining us. That will help us track donations and credit you properly for them. Sponsors will be honored at the reunion. And thanks to those who already have become Sponsors. Your support is helpful and appreciated!

Any questions?

If you have any questions or problems with this process, including with Reunion Manager, please call Don Nickson at 518-527-2562, or email him at donnickson@gmail.com.

We hope to see you there!