News Of 1964


Plans are announced to build the World Trade Center

LBJ declares the War On Poverty

Cigarettes are deemed a health hazard



The Beatles come to America

Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston



The Buffalo Chicken Wing is "invented" at the Anchor Bar

Jimmy Hoffa gets eight years for jury tampering

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor marry for the first time

Jack Ruby is convicted of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald

A magnitude 9.2 earthquake hits Alaska



The GOP nominates Barry Goldwater for President

The first Ford Mustang appears

The Beatles hold the top 5 positions in the Billboard Top 40

The Rolling Stones release their first album

Merv Griffin's show "Jeopardy!" debuts on NBC

"From Russia With Love" premiers in the U.S.

Arnold Palmer wins his fourth Masters



The first major student protest against the war in Vietnam

The first computer program written in BASIC is created

A stampede kills 300 at a Peru soccer game



Nelson Mandela is imprisoned

Three civil rights workers are murdered in Mississippi

The Vatican condemns the oral contraceptive pill

Rudi Gernreich reveals the topless swimsuit



Race riots in Harlem

Ranger 7 sends back close-up photos of the moon

LBJ signs the Civil Rights Act

The Palestinian Liberation Organization is formed



"Mary Poppins" premiers in Los Angeles

North Vietnames torpedo boats attack a U.S. destroyer

Congress authorizes war against North Vietnam



LBJ signs the Wilderness Act

The Warren Comission says Oswald acted alone



The Boston Strangler is captured

The St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series

Harold Wilson becomes the British Prime Minister

Khrushchev is deposed

The Berkeley Free Speech Movement arises

China explodes its first atomic bomb

The Moog Synthesizer is introduced

The film version of "My Fair Lady" premiers in New York 

LBJ pledges the creation of The Great Society



LBJ wins the presidential election in a landslide

The Mars probe Mariner 4 is launched



Martin Luther King wins the Nobel Peace Prize

The Bills defeat the Chargers in the AFL championship game

The Browns defeat the Colts in the NFL championship game

The Bond film "Goldfinger" is released

The Lockheed SR-71 makes its first flight