Administrators And Staff

The Man
The Man
John Allan † Director of Adult Education; Admin. Assistant
Elizabeth Beck Guidance Counselor
Robert Bedell Vocational Cooperative Coordinator
Francis Berst Guidance Counselor
J. Robert Chalmers Board of Education
Merlin Chase Guidance Counselor
Paul Clark Board of Education
Norman Cole Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Clifford Crooks † Principal
Hilda Keery Guidance Counselor
Dr. William Keller †

Superintendent of Schools;

Supervising Principal, Board of Education

Marguerite Lapp † President, Board of Education
Edna Larsen Librarian
Charles Masino Guidance Counselor
Ralph Mauro Vocational Cooperative Coordinator
Clara McCabe Vocational Cooperative Coordinator
William Measer † Coordinator of Student Activities
L. Donald Morris Vice President, Board of Education
Shirley Newman Nurse
Vivian Pater Guidance Counselor
Frances Pemberton Guidance Counselor
Robert Schaefer † Assistant Principal
Dr. Donald R. Spink Board of Education
Joseph C. Tisdall Board of Education
Gordon J. Weisbeck Clerk, Board of Education